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Tomer Vanunu

Tomer Vanunu has been a fixture of the North London restaurant scene for 15 years, launching many successful brands and restaurants. 


Growing up in Zichron Yaakov, surrounded by his mother’s traditional Moroccan cooking, as a child he dreamt of being a basketball player. Taking a more academic route, he studied Engineering before moving to London and discovering his natural flair for hospitality. Tomer says that one of the best accomplishments in hospitality is being able to see customers appreciating the hard work that goes into running a restaurant, from the food to the service. 


It was during lockdown, sitting at home with his wife Amy, that together they decided to bring modern Middle Eastern cuisine to North London, to the place they themselves call home. Numa is for their neighbours and friends, it’s for the people Tomer has welcomed into his restaurants over the years, it’s for anyone wanting exceptional quality in a local setting. Numa is for north London. They dreamt of creating somewhere that people love, a new experience on the high street which embraces a cuisine Tomer believes will become one of the most popular in the world. 


Always looking to create something different and prove that anything can work, whether it be the original El Vaquero which was based on a farm, or an explosion of Middle Eastern creativity on Mill Hill Broadway, Tomer is ambitious enough to see a massive future for Numa, yet humble enough to know that success does not make itself. The best piece of advice he received was from his dad, who always told him to “be passionate about what you do and success will follow”. 


Above all, Tomer is a family man and doesn’t skip a beat when asked about his proudest achievements “my kids, no contest.”

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