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Michael Levi

Michael is an Executive Chef with a long career in the kitchen. Starting as a child at his grandmothers house where he eagerly assisted in preparing meals for their large family. He was eager to help, full of energy, loved feeding others and enjoyed his food too! As a teenager Michael had found his passion in food, finding himself a job at a small restaurant in his home town of Zichron Yaakov. Full of energy and enthusiasm Michael would finish school and head straight to work in the kitchens, often doing extra hours during the school holidays. 


After attending culinary college in Israel Michael moved to London where he trained further at the  world renowned Le Cordon Bleu. He honed his skills working in top London Michelin starred restaurants before settling down and getting married. He started his first restaurant, Michael’s Brasserie, in North West London in 2012.


Generous by nature Michael’s food is a reflection of him - a twist of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Michael is hard working, ambitious and creative which is shown in the flavours and presentation of his dishes and in the management of his kitchens. He is a dedicated husband and father, when he’s not at work you’ll find him enjoying time with his young family. 


As Michael takes over at Numa he hopes to build on the already impressive reputation built by his childhood friend Tomer and the existing dedicated team. Together with the head chef Michael is aiming to introduce new seasonal dishes with an exciting new breakfast and lunch menu featuring some the most popular eats from Michael’s Brasserie.

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